Hi! I'm Baley, the woman behind the lens at 715 West Photography. My passion for photography blossomed out of the love for my son. Like most new moms, I wanted to capture every moment with this child God blessed me with, but my point-and-shoot camera wasn't cutting it. I invested in a "real" camera and quickly fell in love with all things photography.

My shooting has evolved dramatically since the early days, and I love continuing to learn and grow as a photographer. I delight in honing my craft artistically, and having 715 West Photography as my creative outlet helps me to suppress the urge to redecorate our home constantly. Additionally, I find the technical side of photography mesmerizing—I could talk for days about the optics of lenses or how focal length and distance affect depth of field.

While my son is still my favorite model, families have blessed me with the opportunity to capture the little moments that illustrate their lives. I look forward to capturing your family’s story.

To learn more about me and other studio news, visit my blog.