Jan 22

Beach Family Session

You might think that as a photographer I have tons of pictures of my own family, but...to be honest, I'm terrible at keeping up! This past holiday season we were on vacation and I decided that I needed to take some updated photos of our family. It was especially important to me to get some shots of Cameron and my parents and sister, since we don't have any "real" photos of them all together. C wasn't the most cooperative kid, but that's just the reality of "threenagers".

I grew up on the border between Los Angeles and Orange County, and the beach was always a quick hop away (oh how I miss that!). This particular spot is one of my favorites--my dad and I used to scuba dive here when I lived in LA, and its a short drive down PCH from the place where Greg and I got married. Even writing this post makes me a little nostalgic, so I have to keep reminding myself its not worth the crazy taxes and traffic!

And thanks to my sister for snapping a few shots too!