June 11

C is Three!

This post has been over a month in the making, so forgive me for taking so long! My sweet, silly, mischievous little boy is now three years old. It's ironic how it can seem like he was born yesterday, while simultaneously feel like I've been wiping cheeks of both kinds for an eternity. C definitely keeps us on our toes--he is extremely curious, constantly moving, and manages to make himself bleed at least once a day.

C is far from a perfect photography subject. In fact, he is probably THE hardest child I have had to photograph. During this shoot I was by myself trying to get him to stay put, shoot, and (unsuccessfully) keep him from rolling around on the filthy floor. By the end we were both red-faced (as you can see in the photos below), sweaty, and really, really dirty.

I was attempting to style our shoot after what I have seen on the mini style hacker blog, and all things considered I think we did a decent job. In case you're shopping for your own little boy, C's outfit is largely from the clearance rack at Target, jeans are from Baby Gap, and the Converse were cheapest at JC Penny.

Happy birthday C! We love watching you learn and explore the world around you. You bring so much joy (and many Band Aids) into our lives!

In my opinion, the perfect shots are the ones that capture the essence of your child at that moment in time: